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Must-have theedoek met tekst, speciaal voor de heren met snor! (wordt geleverd in bijpassende giftbox)

The gentleman's guide to Moustache etiquette:
- Do twirl the corner of your moustache when thinking about something important
- A well groomed moustache is the sign of a well adjusted & dependable chap

- In a crisis, your moustache will demand you take control and save the day
- When kissing a lady (or gentleman), do be aware he/she may faint with delight
- Do give a polite nod to other moustachioed fellows who you pass in the street
- When at a social gathering, refrain from offering ladies free moustache rides
- Never use your moustache to strain your soup
- After meals, do ensure your moustache is free of debris and detritus
- Do not mock those fellows who cannot grow a moustache as fine as yours; their lives are miserable enough